The "El Dorado" Standoff was a key event in World War III after Russia invaded Mexico. The US Army decided to take up defensive positions A,B,C,D,E and F at the Hill of El Dorado, known in Mexican mythology. Mass causalties were reported in US, Russian, Mexican and civilian.


Six months prior to the event, Russia started World War III after building up an empire and invading Western Europe while their allies China travelled through the Far East. Russia's key weapon "Vladimir" destroyed Britain and vaporized Paris along with the country. The US Government began preparing for invasion and proceeded to make an almighty evacuation for civilians to exile in South America. However, the invasion occured on the day of the evacuation, resulting in heavy casualites and the loss of many states. Luckily enough, most of the soldiers evacuated into Mexico, unknown to the invading Russians.

Once the soldiers arrived in Mexico, the civilians granted them access to their homes and hills and ordered to be evacuated along with the US civilians. Vladimir I of Russia gained intel on the evacuation and ordered his troops to never stop and keep going into Mexico. The US learned of this and set up defense on the El Dorado Hill and they prepared for the worst.

Advance Into MexicoEdit

Soon, the Russians made their way through Mexico and started to make their way towards the hill. The Americans prepared for them and set off explosives to retreat them further. It didn't work and they were overun by the Russians and had to retreat through makeshift bunkers to Defense Point C. Once they arrived, B was taken and C was nearly taken. Helicopter support came along with hellfire and pushed them back a little, giving the Americans time to retreat back to D, E and F. There was a long battle eventually for D as it contained trenches and marshes. Heavy rain then began to fall making the ground conditions hard for the Americans to retreat in. The Russians were prepared and had heavy boots on. D and E were then taken quickly, making all American forces to retreat to Defense Point F. A mass evacuation began but several helicopters were shot down and crashed into the Atlantic.


Mexico was then taken by the Russians and the Americans retreated back to South America and split off into different countries. During this, a man called James Dean was taken in Haiti for a test subject of becoming a super soldier. The experiment worked and he was later dubbed "The Punisher". The Punisher began to appear in battles with the Americans in Peru, Chile and Brazil, taking down soldiers with his Punisher Shield and M9 action pistol. The weapon "Vladimir" was damaged by The Punisher and several soldiers.

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